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Vendor Eligibility

Would you like to be a vendor at the 2019 Renton Farmers Market?  Our applications have closed for the season, but occasional openings may be available.  Learn more about vending at the Renton Farmers Market here

Verify your Eligibility

Types of vendors allowed at RFM:

FARMERS - raises produce, plants or botanicals, or animals on land they own, lease or rent, in the State of Washington.

PROCESSORS - sells foods that they have personally prepared or processed on property that they own, lease, or rent in the State of Washington.

PREPARED FOOD VENDORS offer freshly made foods, available for sale and immediate consumption on-site

ARTISANS/CRAFTERS One who creates with their own hands the products they offer for sale, or providers of skilled craft services at the market, such as on-site knife sharpening or tool refurbishment. To qualify as an Artisan/Crafter, a majority of the tools and equipment used to produce their products must require skill, personal handling and/or manipulation, including second-hand items that are recycled, re-purposed and/or skillfully and creatively refurbished for new or improved use. Products must be created in Washington State only.

Renton Farmers Market does NOT accept vendors with these types of items:

  • No Commercial or Imported Items
  • No Second Hand Items (Exception: Those vendors who take a second hand item and recycle that item into a new use)
  • No Franchises (Those who have entered into an agreement or received a license to sell a company’s products and/or use a company’s packaging, logo, ingredients, and/or marketing tools under that license or any franchise agreement)
  • No Non-Owner Operated Businesses: Only those businesses that are operated and controlled by their Washington State-Based owners are permitted at RFM
  • No Out-of-State Processing: All processed products sold at RFM must be processed within Washington State

Space at the Renton Farmers Market is limited; our priority is to support our local farms, but we do have some space for food vendors and artisan/crafters.  Please note that we receive dozens of inquiries and applications from food vendors (bakers, confections, condiments, prepared/hot foods) and simply cannot accept all applicants.  Qualified vendor applicants if not accepted initially will be placed on a waiting list for the season and will be contacted should an opportunity become available.  Crafters/artisans please note that we do not allow vendors to sell CBD or any other consumable marijuana products.

Steps to Apply

  1. Read the Vendor Guidelines.
  2. To request a specific booth number , please look over the NEW Vendor Stall Map and make a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice noting that our stall requests will be handled as outlined in Guidelines section IV. F. Booth Location. Email your choices on the preferred stall

    VENDORS PLEASE NOTE: RFM has made major changes to our vendor map. Returning vendors be sure to review before requesting booth number.
  3. Mail $30 application fee to:

    Renton Farmers Market
    Renton City Hall – 6th Floor
    1055 South Grady Way
    Renton, WA 98057

  4. Complete the appropriate Application and email additional information to

    a. CRAFTERS – photos of product/s and online application | PDF application* (must be emailed)

    b. ALL VENDORS – copy of any permits required to run your business and online application | PDF Application* (must be emailed)

    c. WINERY/BREWERY – complete separate Winery/Brewery Addendum and online application | PDF application*, Email the Addendum and Certificate of Insurance.

    *For pdf files, download, complete and email the application to, or print out the form and mail in with application fee.

Additional Guidelines to Consider

All Renton Farmers Market vendors must comply, if applicable:

Next Steps

  1. You will receive confirmation when BOTH your application and the application fee have been received and processed.
  2. Acceptance letters will be sent out the week of March 25th (for applications received before March 18th deadline). Applications received after deadline will be processed within 7-10 business days of receiving application fee.
  3. Do not apply for a Renton Business License until you have confirmation that your application has been accepted to vend at the Renton Farmers Market.