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Food Access

The Renton Farmers Market is committed to providing fresh, healthy, local foods for everyone.

The Food Access program is a win-win for the Renton Farmers Market.  Those in our community who rely on EBT/SNAP/WIC can now purchase fresh, healthy, local foods and farmers can expect to see additional sales..

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Use EBT/SNAP at the Market

EBT Card$1 Fresh Bucks tokenFresh Bucks tokens

Now you can to use your Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)/Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) card to buy local, healthy foods at Renton Farmers Market!

Here is how it works: at the market manager booth, market staff will swipe your EBT/SNAP card for the amount you request. You will be given wooden market tokens in $1 increments to buy fresh foods (anything except cut flowers, alcohol, and food/drink that is intended to be consumed on site). The tokens never expire, and are good only at the Renton Farmers Market. 



Vendors cannot give change back on tokens, so consider bringing some extra coin change with you to make your purchases. Tokens never expire and can only be used at the Renton Farmers Market.

For information on applying for EBT benefits call 1.877.501.2233 or visit the website.


Use Fresh Bucks at the Market

$2 Fresh Bucks

We are thrilled to be launching a Fresh Bucks program this year! The Fresh Bucks program is an exciting opportunity for low-income individuals to stretch their EBT funds further when shopping at the market. Fresh Bucks are dollar-sized paper vouchers redeemable for all fresh fruit and vegetable purchases at any farmers markets in King County participating in the Fresh Bucks program.  Fresh Bucks come in amounts of $2. Change cannot be given. Individuals will receive a dollar-for-dollar match of their EBT spending at the market up to $10, increasing their ability to buy healthy, fresh fruits and veggies. Here’s how it works:


How it Works

  1. Go to the market manager booth.
  2. Swipe your EBT/SNAP card and redeem your desired amount of EBT dollars in wooden market tokens.
  3. Double your EBT dollars up to $10 per person
    • For every $2 EBT dollars you spend, you will receive a dollar-for-dollar match in Fresh Bucks (up to $10). For example: spend $6 in EBT, receive $6 in Fresh Bucks; spend $20 in EBT, receive $10 in Fresh Bucks
  4. Shop from any eligible vendor using your EBT tokens and Fresh Bucks



The Fresh Bucks 1) Can only be used to purchase fresh produce such as: fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, and vegetable starts 2) Can be used at any of the farmers markets that accept Fresh Bucks and 3) Expire at the end of the 2016 Farmers Market season (expiration listed on the Fresh Buck).

Use WIC / Senior FMNP at the Market 

WIC Coupon WIC Coupon

The Renton Farmers Market also participates in the Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP). This program offers checks to those in the Women’s, Infant’s and Children’s (WIC) program as well as the Senior FMNP program. FMNP checks are specifically for purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables at farmers markets. WIC WIC / Senior FMNPchecks are distributed by WIC staff at the Renton Farmers Market, while Senior FMNP vouchers are mailed to applicants selected in the lottery.

Look for farm booths displaying this sign at the market to use your WIC or Senior FMNP checks.




Vendors cannot give cash change - you must spend the entire amount of the check, so consider bringing some extra coin change with you to make your purchases.

For more information about WIC FMNP, please call 1-800-841-1410 or visit the website.

For more information about the Senior FMNP, please call Senior Information and Services at 206-448-3110 or visit the website.  Applications are available each spring (mid-April) from the Seattle/King County Office of Aging and Disability Services, and may also be available at the Renton Senior Pears from Yakima in Renton Farmers MarketActivity Center and generally due mid-May.

Food Access Partnerships across Washington State

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