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Renton Farmers Market

What's Fresh

We can't think of a better way to cool down than with fresh and local Washington watermelon! Thankfully, there will be plenty at the market tomorrow - along with other types of melons, delicious berries, apricots, peaches, nectarines and apples. For veggies, we can expect to see eggplant and peppers, tomatoes, squash, corn, and despite the heat, we will still have lingering lettuce and greens! Staples such as onions, potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, radishes, green beans and beets will also be plentiful. In addition to fruits and veggies, we will have fresh herbs, beautiful flowers (the dahlias, lilies, and sunflowers are amazing!), delicious baked goods, honey, meats and cheeses in addition to hot food that is ready to eat at the market or take home for dinner.<

Our sponsor Kaiser Permanente will join us at the market tomorrow with great information and even better giveaways!

Please support local patients by donating blood, you can find the Mobile bus at Market West from 2 pm to 7:00 pm If you have questions, please email: schedule@bloodworksnw.org or call 1-800-398-7888.

Walk-ins always welcome around scheduled donors.

Renton Farmers Market

What's New This Season?

First, you will notice that Logan Avenue South will be closed for the Market between South 3rd Street and the entrance to the Pavilion Events Center parking area for the Market. Identified as 'The Festival Street' in the City of Renton's recently approved Downtown Civic Core Vision and Action Plan, we are looking forward to the closure not just from a programming aspect, but also for our shoppers' safety. This closure will allow a natural flow of shoppers between our vendors in Piazza Park and over to 'Market West.'

Second, our SNAP benefits matching incentive, Fresh Bucks, is now an UNLIMITED match! Previously limited to a $10 dollar-for-dollar match, this is an amazing boost for those in our community who rely on these benefits to feed their families.

Renton Farmers Market

Introducing Chef Maryan

Chef Maryam

We are excited to introduce you to Maryam Romani, the chef behind Tastefully Balanced. She will be joining us July 10, August 28, and September 25. Here is a little more about her, in her words:

Food is my passion, whether that is cooking, baking, or eating it - if there is food involved, I am there!

I believe life is about balance, so an equal passion of mine is being active, whether that means biking, running, hiking, or HIIT workouts, I love it all!

This is where Tastefully Balanced was born. It's about how I balance my life with all the good food but still maintain a healthy lifestyle by being active. It's about making delicious food that can satisfy the tastebuds but still leave you feeling good afterwards.

I am a Seattle native and love everything about the Pacific Northwest. I grew up in a Bengali household and was exposed to amazing home-cooked food right from an early age. Back then, a part of me knew that food would be my calling! I always loved how food would bring my entire family together and the memories created around dinnertime.

Whether I am enjoying a cupcake (or two) or a big hearty bowl of quinoa salad, I believe life is all about living in a tasteful balance!

Renton Farmers Market

Improving Access to Healthy Food for all Renton residents

The Renton Farmers Market is committed to increasing access to everyone for locally grown, healthy foods. Now you can use your Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT/SNAP/Basic Food) card at the Renton Farmers Market AND receive Fresh Bucks Incentive dollars. Learn more about our Food Access programs.

If you or your family uses SNAP/Basic Food/EBT, now you can earn extra savings when you buy fruits and vegetables. With Complete Eats, use your SNAP/EBT food benefits, Buy $10 Fruits and Vegetables, Get a $5 coupon!

Learn more about this exciting program on the DOH website.

Fresh organic produce in Renton Washington

“Local Farmers, Fresh Food, Friendly People”

2018 Market PosterCelebrating our 17th season of bringing local farmers and the community together!

There are so many ways to get involved with the Renton Farmers Market. Want to lend a hand?  We are always looking for volunteers!

Are you a Washington State Farmer or make food products using locally sourced ingredients?  We want to hear from you!  Check out our vendor page for more info.

Are you a local business owner?  Show your customers you care about providing local, healthy foods to your community by becoming a sponsor of the Renton Farmers Market.

Renton Farmers Market

Food Trucks at Market West

Food Truck Tuesdays

A Food Trucks will be at Market West every market day selling delicious food

Stop by and check it out!

Renton Farmers Market

Buy One, Donate One

Buy One, Donate One Did you know? Each week we collect donations for the local Renton Food Bank at our market.  Most of the donations come from our generous farmers - now we are asking our shoppers if they would consider helping out, too. Buying an apple? Consider buying another apple and donating it to the Renton Food Bank.  See our donation station at the Market Manager booth for more information. 

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Farm Fresh Recipes

Corn and Bean Salad - August 7

Corn and Bean SaladIngredients:
2 cups fresh corn kernels (from 2 ears of corn) OR frozen if fresh is not available tomorrow! 
2 cups black beans, cooked (if using canned, drain first) 
1 medium onion, chopped
1 bell pepper, chopped
2 cups tomatoes, chopped
1 cup low fat Italian dressing
Optional: fresh cilantro or parsley for garnish

1. Put corn, beans, onion, peppers and tomatoes in a large bowl.  If using frozen corn, thaw first. 
2. Add the dressing to the corn and bean mixture and mix well. 
3. Chill before serving (if you have time).

Try using a mixture of beans (black, white, kidney, or garbanzo) for added color.

Add in your favorite veggies or cooked grains (such as barley or quinoa) to make a heartier salad.

See great farm fresh recipes & recipe hacks using foods sold at the Renton Farmers Market.

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Harvest Calendar

What’s in season?  Check out this helpful Harvest Calendar from our friends at Puget Sound Fresh!

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